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What is Rope Access?...

Put simply rope access is a form of access that uses abseiling to reach the required place of work or inspection.


Rope access is an individual protective measure for working at height defined as such because it offers protection only to wearer of the PPE.


By contrast a handrail is a collective measure defined as such because it offers protection to all users regardless of training or PPE. 


This means if you require a large number of personnel from a verity of trades to access an area for lengthy periods of time then a collective measure such as Scaffolding is ideal.


However for a great deal of maintenance and construction tasks the teams of trades are small and rope access offers a safe, less invasive, more cost effective and less time consuming solution.



Rope Access began when a group of people with experience and knowledge in Climbing, Caving and mountaineering came together to develop a technique suitable for industrial applications.


what they created was a method of access with unparalleled ability for work positioning with an exceptionally low level of intrusion.


During the late 1980s IRATA was formed to solve maintenance issues in the offshore oil and gas industry.

It was assembled by a number of leading companies at that time.

From that point onwards IRATA has grown exponentially and the rope access technique developed by IRATA has now become the widely accepted standard for our industry.






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